"...за нами поднимется новая смена и выиграет не оконченный бой!..."

iskra-chel.ru:"The President we are pround of!" The film "Crimea — Way Back Home" by Andrei Kondrashov - extended CM (English caps).

23.03.2015 15:23

How it all began?  How did Russia get an appeal from the legitimate President of Ukrain asking to save  his life? 


In the documentary, for the first time ever, there are two explicit interviews of Vladimir Putin and all the episodes of Crimea Spring 2014, the ones that have determined the history of Moderm Russia. The Presedent is absolutey frank and open about the challenges and risks that Russia faced. 

This film is Russian view of situation. The picture of  the word cannot be full without it.



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